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Portable Heat Pump

Even if your home has existing heating and air conditioning, a portable heat pump could be an energy saving investment. Rooms that are further away from the central unit may not be as easy to control without an auxiliary boost such as a portable heat pump. The latest technology makes them efficient and light weight. They can heat, or cool problem rooms or let you save utilities by spot heating only those rooms you use the most.


Heat pumps move the heat from place to place. If you need to cool a room you run it on air conditioning mode and it removes the heat from inside to outside. When you need to warm a room put it in heat mode and it will bring in and concentrate the heat from outdoors, as long as the temperature is above 40° Fahrenheit.

Portable heat pumps are light enough to take with you if you travel and can be quite easy to move from room to room as you need them. Many styles are freestanding and on casters so that they are easy to move. This is suitable for cabins, sheds and garages, with no installation. Plug it in and it is ready to work. Use flexible hoses to vent through windows.

Soleus is a well known manufacturer of portable heat pumps. They have several models, each of which provide heat, evaporative air conditioning, dehumidifier and fan. Their model Soleus12000 Air also has included a HEPA filtering ability which is an added benefit.

Sunpentown is another respected name in portable heat pumps, with an option on one model of UV light purification and an ionizer. Heat or cool with a Sunpentown heat pump. These units also remove moisture from the air and provide multiple speed options for their fans.

DeLonghi sells portable heat pumps of varying sizes. The most outstanding feature is that De Longhi uses R410A refrigerant gas which is more efficient and less harmful to the environment. Others brands use R 22 coolant. DeLonghi units have washable filters. Some units will automatically choose air conditioning or fan. They also perform four functions, heat, air conditioning, dehumidifier and fan.

Whynter makes portable heat pumps that use R410 A refrigerant as well. They also use lead free components in their units. They perform all four functions, cooling, heating, fan and dehumidifying. They have pre filters and washable carbon filters.

Friedrich has a long history of heating and cooling. It offers units that on the whole have slightly less capacity than the others listed. It does provide good models of portable heat pumps that can remove as much as five pints of water per hour from the air. The units are dual hose units which increase the speed with which these heat pumps can cool a room.

These heat pumps all have models in similar price ranges, less than $1000. With the exception of the Friedrich models they operate at 12,000 BTU s or more. A good choice for improved energy usage in your home.  For more information, check out our pages for:

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